Highlights of FY 2020 RFP   

This RFP represents the City of Philadelphia’s commitment to: 

  • High quality OST programming 
  • A well prepared and well compensated workforce
  • Equitable access to programming that ensures youth and families thrive

Two strategies are solicited in the proposal – the General OST Strategy and the Specialized Activities Strategy

All general OST providers will be required to integrate the following practice strands into their program delivery:

  • Elementary School Model: Early Literacy Practices 
  • Middle School Model: High School Transition and Career Awareness Practices 
  • High School Model: Career Preparation Practices

This opportunity reflects a significant increase to the cost per slot so that programs engage well prepared and well compensated OST team. The following is the minimum expectation provided in this RFP:

  • Site Directors (minimum of 1 required for each site) will be required to receive compensation of a least $37,000 annually. 
  • All part- time staff will be required to work an average of 20 hours per week and receive compensation of at least $15 per hour.

Eligible Providers 

This is an open and competitive process that will require respondents to demonstrate:

  • Existing expertise in meeting the needs of Philadelphia’s youth through high-interest and impactful programming.
  • Plan for recruitment efforts that engage Philadelphia’s most vulnerable families, with an emphasis on the enrollment and retention of children and youth involved in Philadelphia’s child welfare system.

Not-for-profit agencies that deliver services to youth in the areas of Arts, STEM and Athletics/Health are encouraged to apply.


Notification of Awards

Thank you for participating in the PHMC RFP for DHS Out of School Time (OST) Funding.  We received over 300 applications with a request of over 15,000 slots. DHS via the PHMC's contract initially intended to fund nearly 6,000 slots. Based on the overwhelming response and the high quality of the submissions received the City was able to increase the funding to award 6,500 slots. Given the competitive nature of this proposal and the number of applicants, not all proposals were awarded. 

Note that contracts are in the process of being finalized for FY2020 OST Programming. Information about the selection process for final awards may be available upon request once the contracts are finalized. 

We are excited to fund over 130 programs with over 6,500 slots for a total investment of 23 million dollars. We will continue efforts to increase the funds available for this important work and will publicly announce any future funding opportunities. 

Note that the procurement activity is complete and decisions are final. We want to thank everyone for their interest in supporting Out of School Time programming. 

We appreciate your commitment and partnership! 


Final award decisions have been made. Please see the following table containing all awardees for FY 2020 OST Programming.

 Notification of Awards
Specialized Services

Download a copy of the RFP for review purposes here.

Download the Budget Template for General OST here

Download the Budget Template for Specialized OST here

To download a copy of the PowerPoint slides presented at the Bidder's Conference, please click here.

 The deadline for question submissions has passed. Answers are posted here